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Argentina Wine Terroir

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A Taste of Terroir: Argentina’s Diverse Wines & Wine Regions
    Wine A Taste of Terroir: Argentina’s Diverse Wines & Wine Regions Travelling through Argentina’s vast and beguiling landscapes leaves no doubt as to the incredible variety and contrasts found in this country’s wine regions.

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    There are different terroirs to the north of the country –in the province of Salta and at the foot of the Andes mountain range in the province of Mendoza, the main wine producing region in Argentina– and to the south in the Patagonia plains.

Argentina — Terroir Wines
    For centuries, most Argentine wine was produced for local consumption and the emphasis was on quantity over quality. Today, the country is gaining world recognition for the quality of its wines, particularly from Cabernet, Malbec and Bonarda and the pseudo-native variety Torrontes.

Argentina: A Terroir of Contrast -
    Argentina: A Terroir of Contrast Everyone knows Argentina for its Malbec. Although the origin of the grape is southwest France, the Mendoza region of Argentina has effectively become Malbec’s new home. About 65,000 acres of vineyards are planted across the region, which yield roughly 35% of total Argentine wine production.

The Catena Institute of Wine Publishes Groundbreaking ...
    Feb 03, 2021 · The article, “Terroir and vintage discrimination of Malbec wines based on phenolic composition across multiple sites in Mendoza, Argentina,” appears today in Scientific Reports, one of the most-cited journals in the world.

Scientists reveal Malbec terroir secrets in Mendoza ...
    Feb 09, 2021 · Scientists analysed the chemical make-up of 201 Malbec wines from 23 different vineyard parcels across Mendoza in Argentina. Wines from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 vintages were chosen for the Malbec terroir study, and researchers found they …

Learn the philosophy of the winemakers - Achaval Ferrer
    HOME OF ARGENTINE TERROIR. Learn more about the origins, traditions and philosophy that has led Achaval-Ferrer to be world renowned as an icon of malbec and Argentine wine. explore . OUR WINES, MENSSENGERS. Inspired by a deep respect for origin, purity and and terroir, the wine cellar gets your heart pumping through a trilogy.

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