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#18 Nylon Twine

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#18 Braided Nylon Twine - Agri Supply Agri Supply
    This braided twine is constructed from nylon and serves a variety of uses. The twine is soft and pliable which holds knots extremely well. This #18 nylon twine has a working load limit of 30 lbs.Brand: ASC : Green Nylon Twine, Braided. Size #18, 1/4 lb ...
    Product description Size: Size #18 - 1/4 lb - 1-pack Made from 100% nylon twine yarns, this green dyed twine is resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. The formulas we use to braid this twine have been developed to give just the right braid.4.7/5(16) tarred twine 18
    Tarred Black Braided Nylon Decoy Line – Size #18 (250 lb. Strength) or #36 (160 lb. Strength) – 100, 200, and 500 Foot Options – Perfect for Goose, Duck, or Any Other Decoy Rigging 11 $13 99

T.W. Evans Cordage #18 x 1100 ft. Twisted Nylon Mason Line ...
    This twine is strong, rot and mildew resistant, and abrasion resistant. It can be used as a chalk like, fishing line net repairs, and many other uses. Our twisted mason line comes in many different thicknesses with the #18 as the most popular.Brand: T.W. Evans Cordage

Nylon Twine McMaster-Carr
    The braided construction makes this twine more wear resistant and less likely to unravel than twisted twine. It is nylon for a good balance between stretch and strength. It resists UV rays and rot.

SGT KNOTS Braided Nylon Mason Line #18
    SGT KNOTS ® Braided Nylon Mason Line #18 will help you take your next masonry project to the next level! Long-trusted by professional brick and stone layers for achieving smooth, straight lines, today's #18 mason line is stronger, better, and more versatile, lending itself to a variety of applications.4.9/5(55)

Seine Netting, Twine Size #18: Memphis Net & Twine Co., Inc.
    Knotted Nylon Seines. Made of Twine Size #9; Made of Twine Size #15; Made of Twine Size #18; Made of Twine Size #21; Made of Twine Size #30; Made of Twine Size #36; Tunnels for Knotted Seines; Bags for Seines; Common Sense Minnow Seines; Trammel Nets. Trawls. Shrimp Trawl Net Only; Complete Shrimp Trawl; Tickle Chains for Shrimp Trawls; Double ...

Twine Size Chart and Table -
    16 rows · Jun 08, 2020 · Twine Size: Diameter mm: Diameter Inches: approx, Feet per Pound # 4: …

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